PORTRAIT of Beata Julia Baumgartner


Dear loyal fans, random websites visitors, valued customers and business associates, dear friends and beloved family.

Welcome to my website, where I can present you my individual accessories.

For those who want to get to know me a bit, here is my short story:

My country of birth is Poland, Wrocław (Wroclaw), where I lived until I was 21 years old. After I dropped my studies at the Sports Academy in Breslau for financial and personal reasons, I was faced with the question: What now? In the early 1990s, enthusiastic about open Europe, Germany was for the Poles the land of opportunity and the land of opportunity.

I summoned up the courage without language skills, without capital, but with a high school diploma but without a job and the step of emigration dared. Luckily, I met people who trusted me and enabled me to work in a renowned German private clinic. This was followed by vocational schools, further education and career building. Listen and read pretty easily today, but it was not. However, the most important school I was ever allowed to attend was the life school in a foreign country. With my great willingness to integrate, ambition and discipline, I was able to develop a good standard of living - of course, also included a lot of luck.

In 2001, I got married and my husband brought 3 sons into marriage, great guys who have become successful entrepreneurs and live in the US today.

In the year 2003, exactly on my husband's birthday (03.02) came our common son Kevin to world. Meanwhile a wonderful young man learning at an international school. For me it's always something special when father and son can celebrate the birthday together. For that too I thank the fate

My biggest dream, which concerns me specifically after the birth of Kevin, was to run my own company to be a bit flexible as a mother and to have enough time for my son. Even bigger was the dream to create a product that thrilled and delighted many people. I was often laughed at for the motto: "Everyone wants that! But there is everything in this world ".

My dream was fulfilled. When I was jogging and a black ladybug sat down on my new white running shoe and spontaneously decorated the shoe so individually, the idea flashed into my head: shoe accessories. Then in 2015, I founded my company BAUMONDI and developed various shoe accessories. I could finally let loose with great attention to detail, my creativity and my organizational talent. Meanwhile, BAUMONDI Accessoires and BAUMONDI Interior already exist and I am grateful to my fate every day for having had the opportunity to found and run my own business.

I am now 46 years old, a scorpion in its characteristic form. As a spiritual person, I believe in the energetic influences beyond what we see and feel.

I enjoy traveling - professionally and privately - and collect inspirations for my blog and other BAUMONDI products on my travels. I love all topics around the sport, meaningful nutrition, fashion, shoes, humans and the worldly contexts

I love the dialogue and therefore I am also open to receive comments, questions, requests, comments and suggestions on the products of you.

SINCERELY,  Beata Baumgartner