White Label Colaboration

Every Motive, Individually and exclusively for you.

BAUMONDI develops shoe accessories also for other brands. Share with us your customization needs, ideas and requirements. We accompany you during the entire process, from the first design drawing into the final production of your branded shoe accessories.

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Baumondi`s world


Show your attitude and BUG your sneakers! Lifestyle, nature and fashion motives are a statement about your personality and style: crazy, cool, casual, laid-back, cheeky, sweet or feminine. Made from high quality materials in fine italian workmanship.: simply insert onto your sneaker laces and walk your way. Made in Italy. For you. BUG your Sneaker and walk your way.

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A new trend conquered the fashion szene and the world of shoes. Bring this special shoeaccessoires on your boots or any other shoe of your choice, style them as you feel and stay trendy. Anyone who likes an edgy or modern style with a touch of individuality will love these handmade leather straps in different colours. Choose them with any one of our six types of silver buckles and strap them onto your boots to create a new outfit. Style up your boot!

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Charity Baumondi

To respect our social responsibility as entrepreneurs and individuals we collaborate with the Cape Town (South Africa) located Relate Bracelet organization which supports a big variety of social and environmental projects with their co-branding approach.

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Beata Baumgartner, Founder &CEO of BAUMONDI

Individualism - practical today or crazy tomorrow - not caring about the main stream way has always been my style. I am intrigued to meet new people, learn about their personality’s and listen to what they have to say. I have never been one to follow others blindly. I see challenges as an opportunity to allow me to develop myself and become a better person.

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